Video Marketing Rules!

There is no excuse for you to be boring!

Whether you’re making a presentation to your local Lions club or the board of your fortune 500 company you want to make a dynamic impact. Nothing does this better than a fast paced video – the good news is you don’t need to be a technical guru or spend a fortune to have something custom produced.

I found a new web application last year that with some photos and a couple of mouse clicks you can produce your own incredible video – animoto

I’ve been using it for over a year now and every time I show one of my videos the audience is simply blown away!

I’ve also used it to produce videos for clients who place them on YouTube and then embed them into their web sites.  This benefits them several ways: 

      1.  YouTube has huge traffic numbers so the chances of someone seeing their promotion is an order of magnitude higher than finding their site. 
      2.  Putting a link in the video description brings link juice from a hugely popular site improving their site search rankings.
      3.  Google loves video and often has videos on page one of any search that you do. – sign up for a free account today and you’ll be a video hero at your next presentation.  If you have a consulting business you can produce killer videos for your clients in record time and charge a premium.

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