The Power of a Great Idea

We’ve all heard the phrase “there’s nothing new under the sun” and I must admit that I’ve often said it myself. Unfortunately, that phrase just clouds my vision and stifles creativity at the times I need it most.

Robert Ringer is one of my favorite authors and often challenges me to think outside my mental box – especially in the area of not believing doubters and taking action on my ideas.

Need proof that all the great ideas have not been used? Last winter’s Snuggie commercials on TV – I thought this had to be the dumbest idea ever. I turned out to be the dumb one when it went on to make the inventer a multimillionaire. These things are just goofy enough to be incredibly popular and this winter will sell better than ever. In fact, i found a web site today promoting them already… – there’s even one for kids now…

So, what ideas do you have rolling around in your head that you just haven’t taken action on? Ideas never made anyone rich – it’s only the people who have the courage to take action on their ideas.

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