The Best Web Site For Your First (or 50th) Business Site

There have always been two routes to having a presence on the internet..  spend thousands of hours learning to hand-code a web site or spend thousands of dollars having someone build one for you.

Over the last 3 years that has all changed with the development of content management systems and the king of all of them – WordPress sites!  You can literally (for NO COST) have a great looking site that can be edited from any computer without special software.  The best part is that Google and the other search engines love these sites and quickly rank them high for your chosen search terms.

Even if you already have a site in place you can start several more WordPress sites using domain names for niche products you might have – of course, linking back to your main site and increasing it’s search ranking.  We have hundreds of these sites that we use to promote affiliate specialty products (eBay & Amazon) that just sit there month after month putting money into our paypal accounts.

If you haven’t started your first site (even for testing) you need to do it today!  We’ve been using the guys over at Start a Micro Business dot com to put our sites up the last couple of months as our schedule has become tighter – they keep their server loads low and specialize in WordPress hosting.  Check them out and let us know when you get your first site online…

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