Leverage The Incredible Power of Social Media – Sam Bakker – Show 001

Sam BakkerYou’ve heard the phrase – “With a big enough lever you can move anything”. We have an incredible treat for you on today’s show as we interview Sam Bakker and he reveals many of the secrets he uses to leverage the power of social media. To access Sam’s free reports and regular updates sign up for his email list at:

https://www.facebook.com/sambakker or http://SamBakker.com

Coming up in the next couple of weeks – an interview with a marketer who has nailed the niche affiliate site model. Instead of pulling in $5 – $50 per site per month, he has 150+ sites doing that same dollar amount per site PER DAY. Check out http://NicheAffiliateEmpire.com to learn how to get started.


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