Happy Tax Day! and a Warning…

For those of you in the US it’s the day we all love to hate – adding up what the government says we owe them in exchange for all the services they’ve provided. Unfortunately, 47% of the citizenry pay no taxes at all – meaning the rest of us pay their share. Is forced philanthropy really part of the constitutional fabric? I’d love to hear your opinion…
Warning – if you have a web site hosted with Network Solutions you’d better check for infected pages. I have several clients who’ve been hacked and a quick web search shows widespread attacks on Net Sol sites.  Look for embedded ‘iframe code’ in the footer.
One of my heroes – Michelle Macpherson is a ‘normal mom’ turned internet traffic guru. I recommend you read everything she puts out as she knows what she’s talking about. She just developed a new traffic tool and is giving it away for a limited time.

Download It Here…

It’s a tool that will REVERSE engineer the search engine algorithm while you watch! She’ll also send you a video link showing exactly how to use it.

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