Exploit The Power Of Viral Marketing

Most newbies trying to start an online business struggle with exactly how to get started.  What products should I promote?  Should I develop my own product?  Do I need a web site?  What domain name should I buy?  Where should I buy my hosting?  And the list goes on and on.

Let’s forget all that for a moment and try to figure out exactly where we’re going.  Even though the thought of making money online is exciting it is easy to fall into the trap of trading hours for dollars – much like a regular 9 to 5 job.  That’s fine if that’s all you intend to do but this site and our advice is to think more big picture.  Design a system and residual income stream that you put in place one time but keeps providing monthly checks with very little maintenance from you so that you can then go and build another system, rinse, repeat and eventually have an empire that can create almost unlimited wealth.

In the old days MLM (multi level marketing) promised this but with so many levels and very little focus on quality products the money was all siphoned off at the top leaving a lot of workers at the bottom of the pyramid with little to show for it.

With the internet and affiliate marketing there are a number of methods that we’ll highlight in another article.  The focus of this article however is viral marketing.  Create an ebook with valuable content on a subject that people need to know and make it FREE.  How do you profit?  In your ebook you will have several affiliate links to related products where you will make a percentage of each sale.  Part 2 of this plan is even better.

Using rebranding software, you can also allow others to change one or 2 of the links to their own affiliate link and they can then offer it for FREE to their email list, blog visitors and Facebook or Twitter followers.

Yes, you are giving away some of your potential profit – however, let’s assume you have 5000 visitors a month to your website and 250 of them download your free ebook and purchase through one of your links which nets you $20 per purchase, $500 per month or $0.10 per potential reader.  Or, we can make 1/2 the links rebrandable meaning that we’re only going to make $0.05 per potential reader but since several hundred people each month are rebranding and promoting your ebook the number of potential readers skyrockets into the tens of thousands per month.

An extra bonus to this is that you are still the author of the book, your name, contact info and web site link is exposed to an exponentially higher number of people than it ever would be with typical advertising methods.

The best software we’ve found to do this is Easy Viral PDF Brander.  Get started today and use it for promoting other affiliate products and you’ll also have it ready to go when you develop and market your own products.

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