Business As Usual Is NOT An Option

I phone or visit 8 – 10 business owners each day and hear the same stories again and again.  Business climate is terrible, sales are down, laying people off, etc.

I empathize and then ask them about 4 or 5 proven free or cheap marketing methods using new media only to find they are doing none of them or doing them poorly.

Next I ask what new markets they are looking at in case their current business model truly is becoming a dinosaur.  Again, I find blank stares!

Really guys, wake up!  Doing the same thing you’ve always done is only going to provide the same results…  at least TRY something different! It’s time to take extraordinary measures.

These guys have put together a think tank of brilliant minds that I think you’ll find enlightening.  More than 50 of the worlds greatest business minds in a 6 week, 9 interview series.

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