Being Average Is Not Going To Make The Cut

Well, I certainly stirred up a hornet’s nest with my last email. I really wasn’t trying to judge anyone as much as say that we all need to find something that motivates us because it is too easy to become complacent and just settle for an average existence – which we then compare to the successful around us and somehow feel cheated.

I did receive a number of resumes from people out of work asking me to find them a job… Interesting reading – overqualified, under-qualified, some bouncing from one industry to another with little overall goal or purpose. Many I’m sure were just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

I can’t address all the causes of unemployment but I can say that the chances of being average and successful are pretty much over (if they ever even existed). Want to find a job, start a business, be a consultant, etc – find one thing that you are extremely passionate about, understand better than anyone around you and become THE expert that people turn to when someone asks. I truly believe that every person brings a unique perspective to the table and has one area (or a unique combination of skills) where that they can truly become a leader.

The internet gives us access to knowledge that we’ve never before had – and also a platform for experts to share their knowledge.

What do I mean by a unique combination? Maybe you’re a good chef specializing in healthy food choices, but laid off and without the resources to move to NYC and duke it out with the best of the best – but you have a good voice, learned all you can about producing a radio show and a small recording setup on your computer. Start a podcast (online cooking audio show) and brand yourself – sell a pdf download cookbook with your best healthy choices recipes.

Of maybe you love auto racing but at 50 years old are never going to get that NASCAR ride you always dreamed about. However, you learn how to build a successful blog or online forum site and syndicate content from 10 of the best sites you can find so that yours becomes the go-to site for your unique brand of online racing news and information.

Unique skill-set combinations? I pretty sure the sky is the limit.

Thanks… Mike

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