3 Things You Must Do NOW To Succeed in 2010

I don’t know about you but 2009 started off pretty rough for Cheryl and I and required that we pull back from much of our offline investing and expand the internet businesses. Thankfully our investment in online properties continues to increase in profitability.

Looking forward to this year I thought I’d share a couple things that we are doing and I feel everyone (unless you’re independently wealthy already) must do to succeed in 2010.

1. Get Out Of Debt – If the economy improves the amount of money the Feds have printed are going to cause inflation rates to skyrocket and if the economy crashes again it’ll be twice as bad and debt will be the anvil hitting you in the head. Sell everything you have that is unnecessary to free up cash. Find additional sources of income to pay down any debt you have faster.

2. Develop Multiple Income Streams – No matter what your current position (homemaker to upper level management) the last two years have taught us that nothing is certain and diversification of income is essential. If your time is as valuable as mine you also don’t want to spend a lot of time learning HTML or building a web site from scratch. I’ve outsourced everything that I’ve done this year in online properties – including purchasing 2-3 existing web sites a month and then driving traffic to them to increase the profitability. I learned this from the master Ed Dale who overdelivers on every one of his courses. If you have a couple extra bucks to spend I’d recommend his beginner to expert video course – http://startupandrun.com/sitevalue

3. Learn To Use Social Media – If you operate any kind of business large or small you need to use social media sites and audio / video in your marketing efforts or you’ll fall far behind in the coming year. Whether you love or hate Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Digg, etc. you’re going to need to learn how to leverage their incredibly huge base of users. Video and audio sales messages are becoming the norm and will get your prospect’s attention much faster than any other resource. I’ve been using the Killer Video geeks to create some attention grabbing sales videos for my sites – http://StartupAndRun.com/killervideo

What are you using to secure your future in these difficult economic times? We’d love to hear from you…

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